Because I can – GIFs

I was checking out the Goodreads Feedback group, wanting to see what was new, and I found a thread started and continued by people bothered by the use of Gifs in reviews. I suppose, if I’m to be correct, it’s not so much the use of them rather than overuse.

Everything was cool, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Until I saw someone saying it’s understandable that the reviewer posted so many Gifs in his review – the one he gave as an ex – because it was a Rowling book and most likely the reviewer was a kid. Hey! I resent that. I use them and I’m not a kid.

I can agree, partially, with the points made. Some computers are slowed down by too many Gifs loading, some people might be seriously bothered by a visual assault of flashing photos, and let’s go as far as saying that, yes, they could start migraines and seizures. So I’m down with the introduction of a way for people to toggle them off. Then again, you always have the option of not reading that review. If the images are under the more tag, you click it and notice a gif, just close it, choose another review to read.

What I don’t agree with is limiting the number of images you can use per review or removing them altogether. I use them, hell, I’ve written entire reviews made of Gifs and very few words.

Why? Firstly, they’re awesome. And fun. Secondly, remember that old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Exactly. I don’t use them because I have very little to say, I use them because I rather express my enthusiasm or lack thereof like this:

than like this : OMGOMGOMGOMG, this was SOOOOoooOOOOO good! Omfg, woooooooooahhhhh!

In the end, it really is a matter of personal preference and I could be persuaded to put a disclaimer at the start of each review in which I used and abused Gifs. If that’s something you’d like, let me know.


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