Halloween Week

We’re close to that time of year again.  Halloween!

Sadly, where I’m from, we don’t celebrate Halloween. We don’t have it as a holiday, we don’t go trick-or-treating, carve pumpkins or decorate our porches – I don’t even have a porch, for that matter.  There are bars/pubs/clubs that organize Halloween specials, and the brave ones dress up, but that’s about it.

We do, however, celebrate saints days, and the closest we have to Halloween, as a holiday, is Saint Andrew’s Night, on November 29th. It is believed that on that night, the veil between worlds is thinner, thus allowing strigoi – spirits of the dead, usually ones who died recently or who refuse to pass – to come into the world of the living. So, you see, it is very similar to one of the ways Samhain, believed to be the influence for todays Halloween, was seen.

Unfortunately, we don’t celebrate it like you’d imagine. Again, there’s no dressing up and no candy being passed around. Which is a bummer, especially if you’re like me and can’t wait for a legit reason to rock some zombie make-up, carve some ugly jack-o-lanterns or scare kids with your front yard decorations.

That is why I decided to do Halloween Week. Every day, from Oct 24 until Halloween on Oct 31, I will post reviews of books perfect for a good scare, YA horror novels.  These will be separate from my usual reviews, which I’ll continue posting as well, and you will be able to recognize them by this banner right here:


Seriously, did I mention drawing in Illustrator without a graphic tablet is worse than The Chinese Water Torture?


I’ll try to post reviews of novels that have already been published, that way if you’re interested in reading it, you can buy/borrow it. If I stumble on to a REALLY terrifying read, that I think you’ll enjoy, I’ll review it even if it’s not out.


And yes, I will buy myself a pumpkin and carve it, if I’m the only one in town who does! Humph!




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