RC Review: Acceptance by Keri M. Peardon

Paperback: 364 Pages

Series: Acceptance Trilogy #1

Publisher: Keri M. Peardon

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For more than two thousand years, a small community of humans has lived in harmony with vampires, giving their blood and obedience in exchange for protection. And for all that time, it’s been a peaceful occupation.

When Kalyn Reid comes of age and pledges herself to the vampires, she has no reason to worry. She’s paired with Anselm for her training, and she couldn’t ask for a kinder, more patient mentor. She also couldn’t ask for anyone better-looking. 

But before she has a chance to learn her new responsibilities—or get a date—her idyllic life goes up in flames. Without warning, the humans and vampires in her group are murdered by a strange new type of vampire and the few survivors are forced to flee. 

Anselm and his brother, Micah, vow to hunt down the murderer, and they take Kalyn with them, thinking they can keep her safe. But when the killer finds them first, it’s they who must rely on her if any of them are to survive.

Yes, yes, another vampire novel. So what? 

Kalyn is one of the Yaechahre, people who pledge themselves to vampires, promising to obey and feed them in exchange for their protection. Anselm, the vampire she gets, is gorgeous, calm, patient and he’s been her crush for years now. Being paired with him is both nerve wrecking and awesome, for Kalyn, and everything seems to be going well until people start dying, another vampire gets kidnapped and her, Anselm and Micah must find the one responsible.

So what makes Acceptance different from any of the other YA vampire novels? Well, for one, there’s the new take on vampires. Religious vamps governed by a Council from Jerusalem? Interesting! Also, there are two types of vampires.

The Imuechmeh, the ones who change every person they bite, a horrible curse for even though they only feed on blood once in a blue moon, they do need it. While they can eat normal food, crave it and enjoy it, they can’t be out in the sun.

Then there are the Canichmeh, like Anselm and Micah, who can stand the sun and only turn people if they exchange blood with them, but who can only ever feed on blood, hence their long-standing agreement with the Yaechahre.

The premise of the book, an iminent war between the two races of vampires, started by Erik von Gault’s, an Imuechmeh assassin, killing and kidnapping people, is really interesting. However, the plot seems to be almost an afterthought to the romance and other things that happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed both the romance – Kalyn and Anselm are adorable together – and the other storylines, they really made me sympathize and like Kalyn that much more. The Jonas incident (read the book and you’ll know what I mean), her parents storyline, both shape her as a strong and independent MC.

I like Anselm fine, but if I’m honest, I love Micah. He’s funny, loyal and sweet. Plus, the way he treats Kalyn is swoon-worthy.

There are a couple of things I dislike – Kalyn’s self-blame attitude when it comes to pretty much everything and her prudish ways – and one major issue that kind of put me off: the lack of information. I really, really wanted to know more about the vampires, the Council – Joshua especially, and while I think there’ll be more details in the second installment, that’s a bit too late, if you ask me.

I like the third person narrative and the writing, even though I did have a hard time figuring out when the story takes place. From the world-building, it would seem it takes place in a modern time, but the dialogue suggest a past time setting.

Still, the book two preview is such a tease, I can’t help but think I’ll probably read it when it comes out.

*I received an RC from the author. My opinions and thoughts are in no way influenced by this. No money or favors were exchanged. 


One thought on “RC Review: Acceptance by Keri M. Peardon

  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

    I originally wrote the story with the intention of getting it traditionally-published… which meant a strict word count. At 109,000 words, it was pushing the upper-limits of what’s deemed acceptable for a debut novel. So I really didn’t have room to go on, at length, about the Council, and other vampires, like Joshua (who is my favorite character, actually!).

    There will be another trip to Jerusalem in the second book, more Joshua (you get to learn some of his past), and a lot, lot more Micah.

    If you’re interested in the nuts-and-bolts functioning of the vampires’ society, I have the laws, creation myths, etc. on my website: http://www.keripeardon.com/Acceptance/Acceptance_Trilogy.htm.

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