All reviews on this blog are my intellectual property. In other words, my personal thoughts and opinions. Please refrain from using/replicating them without my permission.

Also, the reviews may or may not contain spoilers. I normally try to avoid giving away huge plot spoilers, but some minor details do make their way in. Read at your own discretion. I will usually draw attention on the spoilers, in each review, so one can avoid reading them.

Please don’t ask me for a “good” review. I do accept review requests, but I won’t post a glowing, yet dishonest, review just because you asked.


Most of the images on this blog are not mine and I do not claim to own them. When posting an image I will link it to its respective source. If you find your photo here and want visible credit for it, please leave a comment.

The banner and the blog button are both my images. As such, please don’t use them without permission.


I love receiving comments and a healthy debate never hurt anyone. However, and I cannot stress the importance of this enough, please refrain from insults or threats. It is within your rights to agree or disagree with whatever I say in my reviews, just keep in mind to do it while maintaining a sense of civility.

When engaging with other guest posters/followers, same rules apply. Do it respectfully.


You’ll notice I sometimes review Advance Reader Copies or ARCs. Whether I receive them straight from the author or from the publisher, I don’t charge for reviews and no kind of  favors are exchanged. Also, receiving ARCs does not influence my review whatsoever.


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