Rating System

I don’t like beating it around the bush so my reviews will always be honest.  Keep in mind that everything I write is entirely my opinion, I’m not here to advertise certain authors or certain books, and even if you happen to disagree, please do so respectfully.

Now, the rating system:

Five stars  usually mean I absolutely loved the book! Any small flaws it might have had are nothing compared to how awesome the book is and as such I ignored them.

Four stars mean I liked the book a lot, but I did notice a couple of problems or had a few issues with it.

The great area of “meh”.  The book was just ok,  not a book I’d read again, but I might stick with the series if it’s part of one.

Not good.  Usually means I didn’t like the book, but could find a couple of redeeming qualities about it, things that other people might enjoy.

If I rate a book with just one star it means I truly disliked it. I would never recommend such a book. I possibly didn’t even finish it.


2 thoughts on “Rating System

  1. Request for a review of fantasy/humorous self published novel “Nimbility”
    This book was published on Create Space and available at Amazon, Thanks Aaron.
    Myles Metcalf definitely needs the ability to be nimble to evade being arrested by the IRS or killed by a mob organization disguised as an internationally beloved charity organization. Three bizarre reincarnated allies appear to help him find the evidence that will prove his innocence and expose the diabolical plans of the mob.
    Here is one of Myles’ helpers:

    He was startled when a bird flew onto the patio and perched on a chair opposite to him. He made a shooing motion at the bird but it stayed put apparently unperturbed by the menacing gesture. It perched there staring at him.
    “Shoo !” He shouted in an attempt to dislodge the bird. No luck. It was a little unnerving. He studied his feathery guest. It was medium sized but he couldn’t quite identify the species. Its colors were rather drab.
    “You’re not one of those brightly colored birds.”
    Myles said out loud.
    “You’re not much yourself, “ the bird retorted.
    He jumped up and retreated across the patio,
    “What the hell?” he cried.
    “Yes that’s right it’s the bird talking. You didn’t imagine it. This is no trick. I can communicate with you. What’s your name ?”

    • Hello and thank you for the request.
      I have quite a few books I need to finish/start reading at the moment, but I’ll see about obtaining Nimbility as well.
      Seems a bit of a stretch, but if you could provide me with an ebook of it, that would be great.


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