You’re and Your

Ughhhh! All caps rage. Am I exaggerating? No. No, I really don’t think so.

You’re is a contraction of two different words: you and are. You are. You’re.  Eg: You’re illiterate!

Your is the possessive of you. It refers to something that is in the possession of the person in question/smth that a person has/etc.  Eg: Your illiteracy grates me.

I know, I sound harsh, don’t I? I’m really not, I just can’t for the life of me understand how a person could confuse one for the other. It might be just me, but every time I see someone writing “your welcome” I feel like headdesking myself to death. Especially if that person is a native English speaker.

I’m not and even I know the difference.

#rant finished.


Love triangles or “that crap I dislike”

~ Disclaimer: There will be spoilers of the books mentioned and gifs! ~

It’s not like love triangles are something new and unheard of, but nowadays few YA or Adult novels don’t have a love triangle storyline. I guess it was getting boring for authors to write about the ole’  love story between a guy and girl, so love triangles are all the rage now.

There are people who enjoy them, welcome the love triangles with open arms, then there are folks who are immediately put off by the mere idea of  such a relationship in a book.

I’m somewhere in the middle, I’m ambivalent, with the scale tipping towards the dislike, often. Continue reading